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DRIVE! Drivers Training is proud to announce we are the first driving school with the State-of-the-Art VDI “Street Ready” virtual driving simulators.

Every transportation training program from spacecraft to submarines uses simulators. The sole exception is teaching teens to drive and that doesn’t make any sense, does it? DRIVE! uses state of the art VDI “Street Ready’ simulators and we are the first driving school in California to use them! Do simulators work? Ask a pilot, ask a NASCAR driver, a Formula One driver or the operator of huge earth moving or mining equipment. Our military uses simulators to train everyone from HUMVEE drivers to helicopter pilots.

Combining Driving Simulation AND behind the wheel road driving is the answer

The problem is lack of experience with teenage drivers.  The amount of time you get before you obtain your license is realistically too short.  There are numerous road conditions and perils that you will encounter as an experienced driver in the coming years.  The job of our driving simulators is to provide you with that experience in a safe environment.  This allows you to get the experience under your belt BEFORE the real life situation presents itself.

The VDI simulators build a solid foundation of driving skills and knowledge and give us a picture of your strengths and weaknesses behind the wheel. DRIVE! takes that information and customizes an 8 hour behind the wheel training program to fit your skill level and provides the family with a comprehensive plan consistent with what you have learned at DRIVE! .

This video is an example clip from the drivers training simulator.

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