Driver Training for Safe Drivers

Personalized and Effective Training

DRIVE! Driver Training is absolutely committed to driver safety.
Our drivers training program and driving classes are based on an individually tailored education. Students begin on advanced VDI driving simulation systems. Our students can drive before they get in a car.

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Choose the Driver Training Program That’s Right for You

Programs are Tailored to Each Student

DRIVE! tailors classes to the needs of each individual. Everything from simulator training, rules and regulations study, and particularly physical skills are adjusted for each student and each category of driver training we offer. Choose from the training programs listed below to get more information, or give us a call at (661) 369-7416 .

Why is Virtual Training Absolutely Crucial to Driving Safely – Especially for Teens?

Being Prepared for Anything… Only Comes From Practicing for Anything.

You cannot safely train a driver behind the wheel how to be prepared for the events that cause accidents. WE CAN.

We train students for these events. We prepare drivers to drive in all conditions – and under the most dangerous circumstances – safely in virtual reality. We are the only licensed school in California providing extensive simulator training before we put a student behind the wheel. We prepare them for what’s really possible; we prepare them to react safely and reduce the risk of danger with direct hands-on experience. We teach the how to drive safely before they get behind the wheel. Then we take their performance history from the simulated environment and assure they work skills requiring development behind the wheel. Getting a license isn’t the point. Licensing a safe driver is the point. Talk with us about preparing you or your teen to drive safely – and get licensed!

Practice Driving For:

● Sudden Stops on the Freeway

● Rain and Wet Driving Conditions

● Vehicles Veering in Your Lane

● Road Construction Work Zones

● Snow & Icy Road Conditions

● Bicyclist veering into traffic

● Cars emerging from parking spots

● Cars pulling out from any driveway

Threat Awareness For:

● DUI Impaired Friends Driving

● Children Running Into Traffic

● Pets Running into the road

● Sudden Loud Noises

● DUI Impaired Drivers

● Sudden Stops in an intersection

● Vehicle Mechanical Dangers

● Mechanical Failures While Driving

We prepare drivers – young and old – to drive, and arrive home safely.We do this by extensive in-simulator skills and experiences training – before we put the student behind the wheel in traffic. Through personalized training for each driver, testing, analysis and refined training, our students can drive a car before they get in one.

Our school is unique, and goes beyond VDI Simulation to on-the-road training, and includes education right down to mechanical safety issues.

Michael Sprague – Acme School of Driving

DRIVE! – Teaching What is Needed

No one wants to talk about traffic accidents, car crashes or children dying. We don’t either. But these occurrences are facts. DRIVE! Drivers Training is absolutely committed to preparing drivers with the physical skills, awareness and preparedness for threats on the road, and the consequences of DUI impaired and distracted driving too, like driving while texting. We know this training gets loved ones home as safely as possible.

● Driving Safely, Responsibly & Legally

● Defensive Awareness Driving

● Perfecting Physical Driving Skills

● Understanding Road Conditions

● Proper Vehicle Maintenance

● Simulator Performance Reports

● Tailoring Training By Reports

● Vehicle Mechanical Failures